The Lotto!!

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The Lotto!!

Post  TrueNicor on March 3rd 2011, 9:14 pm

Are U Feeling Lucky? are u lookin for an easy way to get some guild base cash flow goin? would u like to win cash?

well then i have ur answer..were doin a lotto this is how it will work

to get ur name added in the lotto just send in 50k to EvilWithN and write the word lotto in the mail.
for every 50k u send in ull get ur name added time and time if u want odds on ur side keep buyin tickets..
on Tuesday i will draw a name from a hat with all the tickets u bought in it. and the winner will be announced..
prize is exactly half of the proceeds of the lotto.. other half will be used for guild base..its that simple

start buyin those tickets ppl b4 time runs out....and we will most likely do this once a week so u dont have to buy 100 at once lol.

prize at this exact moment is up to 300k


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